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Dave Harper (right) and friendAnimal Hotline is a nonprofit community service for lost/found pets in Placitas and Bernalillo
P. O. B. 812, Placitas, NM 87043
To report a lost or found animal, Call Dave Harper at 867-6135 or e-mail

People with pets for adoption or sale should place a Signpost classified ad or consider a $5 donation to the Animal Hotline to run the information in this column. Lost and found listings and doptions for found animals are run in the column for free.

For lost/found pets in Placitas and Bernalillo, call Dave Harper at 867-6135

“Kitsen” Harper  April 1984-April 2003

“Kitsen” Harper  April 1984-April 2003

“Kitsen” Harper  April 1984-April 2003

“Caelie” is missing. If you see her, call Dave!

Lost and Found listings


CAT: Grey, Male Cat Lost from Placitas Trails in Late March. Medium Size Cat with Green Eyes. "Kitty Cat" #1459

DOG: "Caelie" is a blue merle Sheltie. She weighs about 11 lbs. and stands 13 inches high. She is 15 years old, deaf and doesn't see well She has one blue eye and one brown. She was lost on April 12th in the vicinity of Quail Meadow (off Tunnel Springs Road) in Placitas, near the National Forest. If you have any info about this little dog call her owners at 867-6648 or 270-0288. #1462

CAT: Part Siamese 1 year old Cat Lost from Ranchos de Placitas (Arroyo Venada) on April 19th. Male, neutered. Brown & White Siamese Mix wiht Blue Eyes. #1465



DOG: 38-40 lbs dog Found roaming in the road off Camino de las Huertas, North of the Village of Placitas. German Shepherd coloring, Very Friendly, No Collar. Short Hair & Short Ears. #1463


Animal News


Heard in the West

Betsy Marston

Eighty dogs in Reno, Nevada, now know what to do when they see a rattlesnake: Run! When they tried to get close to snakes let loose by a licensed snake handler, the dogs were jolted by remote control through electronic collars. Nevada Wildlife, the publication of the Nevada Wildlife Federation, says most dogs learn in about 15 minutes that rattlers are best left alone.






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