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Susan Jordan

Susan M. Jordan
Figurative Gourd Art

Raised in Colorado and then transplanted to the East, Susan never lost her love of the Southwest. After building a life in the corporate world in the New York/New Jersey area, she was captivated by New Mexico on a trip in the early 90’s, and found a way to return to where she belongs — to the land of endless skies, high desert and astonishing colors and light.

Always a dabbler in art, Susan found her true artistic passion after she moved to New Mexico and began to experiment with gourds. After taking several classes in gourd art, she became enthralled with the creative possibilities a simple gourd offers. She has combined her passion for New Mexico with her endless fascination for gourds.

Inspired by Native American culture, Susan’s figurative gourd art includes deer dancers, buffalo dancers, kachinas, and “Gourd Tellers,” her own version of the Story Teller. She uses earth-toned dyes and finishes that reflect the colors of the New Mexico landscape to enhance the natural patterns of the gourd. Using clay over the gourds to fashion the faces and hands, the figures represent a variety of ages, from elders to infants. The figures are embellished with deerskin, feathers, and beads of turquoise, coral, jasper and other minerals. Her pieces range in height from 12” to over three feet.

Her “Elegant Lady” collection of women is a departure from the Southwest theme and reflects sophistication and cultured simplicity.

Susan continues to explore the unlimited possibilities for artistic creation offered by each unique gourd.

Susan M. Jordan
Figurative Gourd Art

Placitas, NM 87043

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