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Jerry Roblyer, owner of High Fidelity, offers the hi-fi and home theatre

Jerry Roblyer, owner of High Fidelity, offers the hi-fi and home theatre
equipment of tomorrow for your use today.

Jerry Roblyer, owner of High Fidelity, offers the hi-fi and home theatre

Space-age speakers

High Fidelity offers state-of-the-art hi-fi and theatre

Ty Belknap

After twenty-three years in the business, Jerry Roblyer has identified "the ten great lies of hi-fi." He says, "If it weren't for the amazing technology, I sometimes think the whole industry might have collapsed under its own weight." He designed the recently opened High Fidelity to market high performance audio and video while exposing these lies and providing customers with an eye-and ear-opening experience.

At High Fidelity the customer can see and hear the difference that aerospace-level art technology can make in the service of music and home theater. The least expensive systems sound pretty darn good, but by the time the customer experiences the awesome range of technology, he may drive away with the best audio he's ever heard or a video system that rivals the quality of any theater.

Roblyer says that he operates on the premise that his customers value music and movies reproduced as closely as possible to what the artist put on the disc. He believes that a lot of the content of CDs and DVDs is lost in translation on popular brand-name systems.

"One of the great lies is that all digital players sound the same," Roblyer explained. "Only about 20 percent of the sound or picture quality has to do with the digital code. The rest is analog. Music from a turntable still sounds better than a CD, but the gap is closing."

The systems displayed at High Fidelity have a clean and ultra-modern appearance—even the speaker wires look good. Roblyer says, "Decor needn’t compromise performance, and performance needn’t compromise decor." He says that a major focus in the design of High Fidelity is to present the technology to women, who have been ignored by a "testosterone-driven industry" that has traditionally focused on male hobbyists.

High Fidelity is located in Suites B-3 and B-4 at the Paseo Village shopping center at the corner of Paseo del Norte and Wyoming. For more information, stop in, call 797-4434, or visit


Curves opens in Bernalillo—

Uplifting community of women promises a different approach to fitness, amazing results for members

Waco-based Curves International, Inc., the world’s largest fitness-center franchise, announced the opening of its newest Curves location in Bernalillo. This is Bernalillo’s first Curves center, bringing to residents a supportive environment offering thirty-minute fitness solutions with a commonsense weight-loss program that helps break the loss-gain cycle. To celebrate the location’s opening, the center will host a special grand opening promotion on May 24.

“We are excited to become part of the Bernalillo community,” said Maryann Salsbury.

“Curves offers a comfortable, welcoming place where real women workout. Our facility is designed so women can encourage and support one another while moving around the circuit,” she said. “We look forward to helping women in this community reach amazing results, both physical and emotional, through our Curves Workout program and support network.”

With the average person gaining three pounds a year, a reasonable workout regime that can fit into today's busy lifestyle of work and family is a forefront consideration to help combat diabetes, osteoporosis, hypertension, and other health risks that women can face. The Curves Workout program, designed by Gary Heavin and his wife and cofounder of the program, Diane, allows women of all ages and fitness levels to perform all five of the components of a complete fitness program, combining strength and cardiovascular training through hydraulic resistance. The experienced instructors at Curves give one-on-one training, while members talk and inspire one another during the workout.

Since the first Curves franchise opened in 1995, the organization has seen exponential growth, beginning with forty-four locations in 1996 and expanding to more than 1,250 centers in 2000. In Entrepreneur magazine’s 2003 list of the top five hundred franchises, Curves was named the fastest-growing franchise of any kind in the world, as well as the number two overall best franchise. Today, Curves continues to establish itself among the premiere franchises and currently has more than two million members in more than six thousand locations in the United States, Canada, Spain, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

The grand opening of the Bernalillo location is another indication of Curves’ continued success. With a Curves center opening every four hours on average, the company has grown from just one franchise in 1995 to having one location for every two McDonald’s in America.

“Helping say goodbye to unhealthy lifestyles, unattainable diet resolutions, and unreasonable fitness regimens gives women a new outlook on exercise and feeding their body properly,” said Salsbury. “We look forward to providing women in this community a complete workout in only thirty minutes that will ensure they can stick to the program and sustain a healthy weight,” said Ms. Salsbury.

For more information about Curves, call 505-771-9339 or visit






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