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Man of the Street

Signpost’s Man on the Street

By TimNadeau

Q “Which era of New Mexico history is of particular interest or fascination to you?”

Linda Lee

"My family is from Texas. What impresses me is that when the Anglos settled in New Mexico they were able to do it with a lot less bloodshed than they did in Texas." 

—Linda Lee

Cheryl DeLoia

"Chaco Canyon! I mean who, what, where, and why? ... and where did they go? It's like the Atlantis of New Mexico." 

—Cheryl DeLoia

David Hutchinson

"The Spanish Colonial days along the Santa Fe Trail. Places like San José, San Miguel, and Villanueva still observe old family ways, traditions, and the isolation. Even the form of Spanish they speak goes back to Spain; they're descendants directly linked to Coronado and other Spanish explorers." 

—David Hutchinson

Mary Gibson

"The science-fiction era. That whole thing with Roswell—there have been multiple sightings in the open spaces. There's something that the aliens like

about this area." 

—Mary Gibson

Miranda Tsosie

"The Long Walk of the Navajo to Fort Sumner—the thousands of men, women, and children involved, the hundreds that died along the way—has always intrigued me."

—Miranda Tsosie


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