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Sheriff's Corner

Blitz to take warrant no-shows to jail

If you conveniently forgot to appear in court after signing that traffic citation or you decided not to appear on your set court date, you may be getting a visit from the Sandoval County Sheriff’s Office.

Sandoval County Sheriff’s Office deputies expect to work overtime actively tracking down individuals who want out of the Sandoval County Magistrate Court. The overtime will be paid through an agreement with the Administrative Office of the Courts.

The operation will target defendants who have failed to appear in court and for whom a warrant has been issued. The Sandoval County Sheriff’s Office has been working with the Magistrate Court to obtain a list of all defendants. Arrests can occur at any time, since teams of deputies are making sweeps at different times of the day. Deputies will attempt to locate defendants at their residences and work sites. Defendants are to be taken into custody and transported directly to the Sandoval County Jail.

Making a voluntary appearance at the Magistrate Court could clear up your warrant, thus avoiding a trip to the Sandoval County Jail.

The goal of the operation is to clear up many of the outstanding warrants at the Sandoval County Magistrate Court.


United Way collecting tsunami donations on- and off line

United Way of Central New Mexico is accepting contributions online and off line for the tsunami victims. Donors who wish to help the victims are assured that no administrative cost will be deducted from their donation by United Way. Donors can select specific organizations to which they want their donations directed, or they can simply indicate they want the donation to go to help the victims.

Unrestricted gifts to tsunami victims received by UWCNM will be sent to UNICEF, an organization that is focused on both emergency and long-term services to victims. One hundred percent of donations, restricted or unrestricted, will be directed according to donor wishes, thanks to local corporate gifts that pay our administrative expenses.

Donors to United Way of Central New Mexico always have the choice to direct their donations to any nonprofit organization in the world, or they can give to United Way’s Community Fund, helping central New Mexicans, or they can do both.

To donate, visit or contact United Way of Central New Mexico, 2340 Alamo Avenue, SE, 2nd Floor, Albuquerque, NM 87106 (phone 247-3671).

Bernalillo Curves excels at fundraising for American Heart Association

Curves 30-Minute Fitness and Weight Loss Center, in Bernalillo, participated in two local fundraising events in March. The Curves Food Drive, which benefited local food banks, raised 2,306 pounds of food with membership support. Twelve local Curves fitness centers participated in the annual American Heart Association Heart Walk, and the Bernalillo Curves was the top fundraising company, with 361 walkers and $35,676 raised.

Curves is at 140 East Highway 550, in the Bernalillo Marketplace.


Organ donations do not meet demand

The need for organ transplants surpasses the number of donations each year. 27,028 lives were saved through organ transplants in 2004; 6,991 of those were from living donors. Currently, 87,783 men, women, and children are on the transplant waiting list. Seventeen people die each day due to the lack of organs available for transplant.

You can sign up to be an organ donor on your New Mexico driver’s license or state ID card. In 2003, the driver’s license became a legal document for donation consent.

For a donation brochure and donor card, call 1-800-355-7427. For further information, go to




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