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Heard around the West

—Betsy Marston

What a scary prospect, says the Arizona Republic: You walk into your neighborhood government office, library or grocery, and a quarter of the workforce is missing. And this could happen before you know it; by 2020, one in four Arizonans will be over 60, and either retired or ready to retire. Arizona isn’t the only state with an aging population, but it’s already feeling the effects. In Yavapai County, for example, more than 35 percent of residents are 60 or older. The paper has a suggestion for the disappearing workforce: ‘Boomers, don’t all retire at once!”

Boulder is back in the news, and this time the brouhaha is over a pink-dyed poodle named Cici. The Humane Society got police to ticket Cici’s owner, Joy Douglas, for violating a city code prohibiting “Dyeing fowl and rabbits,” though the last anyone looked a poodle is neither fowl nor rabbit. Douglas, owner of Zing Salon, explained that she tints Cici with Kool-Aid or beet juice to support breast-cancer awareness; she vows to fight the ticket in court to keep her pet candy-colored. Online comments to the Boulder Daily Camera about this latest media-licious story came fast and furious, though one said, “Please people, for the love of God, stop making up new and interesting ways to make our wonderful city look like a bunch of idiots…”

The Aspen Daily News had a field day with April Fool’s stories and even got Mayor Mick Ireland to do a handstand on a beer keg for a front-page picture. The point of that stunt remains murky, but a few of the headlines probably need no explanation: ‘Aspen police solve crime,” ‘Aussie tips 14 percent, sets record,” and, one that’s easy to visualize given this year’s huge snowfall: ‘Snow finally melts, revealing 10 dead Aspen Realtors.” Apparently, nobody noticed the Realtors were missing because the town boasts 600 of the breed: ‘How are we supposed to know if 10 don’t show up at work?” One supposedly died while talking on a cell phone in her car as an ‘epic storm” moved in, and soon, her snow-covered car became a handy jump for extreme skiers on Red Mountain. ‘The line was just sick, brah,” said one skier, ‘adding that if he’d known there was a dead Realtor inside, he would not have done it. ‘My condolences.’ ”

Betsy Marston is editor of Writers on the Range, a service of High Country News in Paonia, Colorado ( Tips of Western oddities are always appreciated and often shared in the column, Heard around the West.





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