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 Sandoval county assessor's shirt

Sandoval County Assessor shirts

County Assessor set to launch re-appraisal program  

—Sidney Hill

Residents of the Cabezon subdivision in Rio Rancho may spot groups of people in blue polo shirts taking pictures and measuring the dimensions of homes later this month. This will be the beginning of the Sandoval County Assessor’s two-year project to determine the proper valuations for property throughout the county.

“There has not been a county-wide property re-appraisal in more than twelve years,” says Sandoval County Assessor Tom Garcia. “The recent downturn in the housing market has made it more important for our office to know that we are working with the most current information related to property throughout the county.

“We want to be sure that the valuation of each parcel is accurate—neither overstated nor understated. Once our systems are populated with current, accurate data, we expect the number of valuation protests to decrease substantially, allowing the Assessor’s office to better serve the property owners of Sandoval County. Having your property re-appraised doesn’t mean you will see higher tax bills. Some residents may actually see the tax relief they’ve been seeking by filing protests,” Garcia said.

The re-appraisal effort was scheduled to start on April 16, when the workers in blue polo shirts will start assessing homes on Rancho Oro and Rancho Plata streets in Rio Rancho’s Cabezon subdivision. The royal blue shirts will have the words “Sandoval County Assessor’s Office” written on them in gold letters. The appraisers also will be driving vehicles bearing the Sandoval County seal.

In addition to the blue polo shirts, the appraisers should have badges with their names, photos, and the county seal around their necks. The appraisers will be in the field from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. They also will take a one-hour lunch and two fifteen-minute breaks each day, and they may be seen sitting in their county vehicles during those times.  While they will walk around residences to take photos and measure dimensions, the appraisers will not have to enter any homes to do their job.

Once all residences in Cabezon have been appraised, the workers will move to other areas of Rio Rancho, and then into Corrales, Placitas, and Bernalillo. The more remote areas of the county, such as Jemez and Cuba, can expect to see the same group of people in the summer of 2013.

The County Assessor’s website also will display up-to-date information on where the appraisers are working throughout the two-year project.

Any citizen with questions regarding the re-appraisal project can contact the Sandoval County Assessor’s office at 505-867-7562.

Photograph exhibits kick off State Centennial Celebration

The Coronado State Monument will hold an opening night reception on May 12 from 7:30 to 8:00 p.m. featuring remarks by Bernalillo Mayor Jack Torres and possibly the new director of the New Mexico State Monuments (gates open at 6:30 p.m. for members of the Friends of Coronado and invited guests). In addition, traditional Spanish dancers and music will entertain. A Centennial cake and non-alcholic beverages will be served sponsored by the Museum of New Mexico foundation. The Monument’s recreated murals by Zia artist, Ma-Pe-Wi will be on view. These murals have recently undergone extensive cleaning and repair under the direction of art conservationist, Constance Silver of Vermont.

A traveling photographic exhibit showing examples of New Deal Art in New Mexico organized by Janet Saiers, Vice president of the Albuquerque Historical Society will be featured in the Monument visitors’ center video room beginning May 12. The photos represent almost all areas of the state since the New Deal funded the work of artists. Murals were painted in courthouses, libraries, public schools, city halls in every large and small town in New Mexico. The New Deal also funded furniture makers, tin artists, musicians, and writers. The photographs are of actual small paintings, which hang in hospitals and other public places. The web site is

A photographic exhibit by Monument Ranger, Alex Sedillos will be hung in the Visitor Center Museum titled: “Coronado State Monument: Impressions, Old and New.” This is sponsored by the Museum of New Mexico Foundation.

The Monument is located at 485 Kuaua Road, Bernalillo, 1.5 miles west of the I-25 exit 242, off Highway 550. The reception is free for Friends of Coronado State Monument and Town of Bernalillo dignitaries. Reservations are limited to the first one hundred people. For information, call 897-5351.

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