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Dave Harper

If you lose or find an animal in Placitas area, call the Animal Hotline at 867-6135. The Hotline is a nonprofit service run by Dave and January Harper to help reunite lost and found pets. Placing a Lost or Found in the Animal Hotline is a free service courtesy of the Signpost—we can sometimes even include a photo. Call Dave and January at 867-6135 or 263-2266 and leave a detailed message, or email the Animal Hotline at: (but call, too).

You know what I saw the other day?... I actually saw someone feeding one of the Placitas horses from the seat of their car. They didn't even have to get up and out of the car to hand the nice horse a carrot. Yes, it may seem like such a cute and harmless thing to do... You may have all heard by now that at least one more horse was hit and killed on the road in Placitas. (I have heard of at least 2 more horses hit and killed on the roads in Placitas in the last year.) Is it any wonder that the horses are not afraid at all of our cars and trucks? I have to implore everyone in Placitas to stop feeding the Placitas “wild” horses!! It is a shame if this offends anyone, but, You are bringing about their destruction. The diet of a "wild horse" does not include carrots and alfalfa! If they are meant to be here as wild creatures, they are meant to find their own food in the wild! We all know that we are not supposed to feed the bears. We know we are not supposed to feed the coyotes and the mountain lions. So please, please stop feeding the horses! —Dave


Rocko, lost cat

CAT: Orange/cream-colored cat lost from Placitas Trails on April 23. "Rocko" is a flame point Siamese cat, mostly cream colored with orange ears and an orange-striped tail. He was lost from western Placitas, a little north of Highway 165, between the 1 & 2 mile markers. He has bright blue eyes. #3875. (See photo).


DOG: German Shepherd, tan and black, young male found in the Village of Placitas on March 31. He was roaming back and forth across Highway 165 near the Post Office. He looks to be about 2 years old. #3869.


DOG: Heeler-cross spotted trotting up Highway 165 near the Presbyterian Church, in the Village of Placitas on April 9. Friendly dog with a collar, but no tags. #3871


Animal News

Lalo’s pet prints:


Lalo loves to receive your pet and animal photos to print in the Signpost. Email them to “Lalo” at: Or mail prints to: Signpost, P. O. Box 889 Placitas, NM 87043


Lalo, this is “Zorro,” a huge Maine Coon cat that travels back and forth between Florida and Placitas twice a year. He is a very relaxed traveler, but can't wait to get out here. By the way, I know the mangy coyote you posted in the April Signpost. He comes to my house to drink and my neighbor feeds him. He never seems to associate with other coyotes, and never seems to look any better. I'm always glad to see he's still alive when we return. —Mary Boatright, Ranchos de Placitas


Ripple is a rescue, part of a litter dumped in Placitas West about December 7. She also plays a computer game on my iPad. —Bunny Bowen, Placitas

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