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Animal Hotline

Animal Hotline is a nonprofit community service for lost/found pets in Placitas and Bernalillo
P. O. B. 812, Placitas, NM 87043
To report a lost or found animal, Call Dave Harper at 867-6135 or e-mail

People with pets for adoption or sale should place a Signpost classified ad or consider a $5 donation to the Animal Hotline to run the information in this column. Lost and found listings and doptions for found animals are run in the column for free.

For lost/found pets in Placitas and Bernalillo, call Dave Harper at 867-6135



CAT: Long-haired black and white male cat Doc or Dockers got out of his home on Tejon Canon Road in Ranchos de Placitas in late September. He is seven years old, neutered and declawed. One side of his face is black, one side is white. He is very friendly. His brother Whiley and the rest of his animal and human family misses him very much.#1397

(Left) Dockers is lost. If you see him, call Dave!


CAT: Long-haired female cat from Vista de la Montana Road in Placitas. Lost on October 8. Tortoiseshell, multicolored. Muffin #1401



CAT: Grey male tabby with white bib and feet, green eyes, tan face found about two miles south of the village of Placitas on about October 1. #1398

CAT: Long-haired black and white cat with white boots, white nose, white tip of tail. Found on October 10 north of the village of Placitas on Camino de la Rosa Castilla (near the springs). #1399


CAT: White and grey cat found in Tierra Madre in Placitas on October 25. About one year old. Looks like a house cat. #1402

DOG: Female border collie found off Calle Chamisa in Placitas, La Mesa Subdivision, on October 25. #1403



Dog: Small, Shepherd-cross, mostly black with tan marks on feet and head was found off of Camino de las Huertas near the Placitas village and reunited with his owner. Thanks, Bill!


(Left) The Challenger’s

Zoey’s TLC offers pets a home away from home

Rita and Larry Challenger loved their pets so much that whenever they left town they would try to leave them with the best care available. Their interest in finding good kennels eventually led them to create Zoey's TLC Bed and Breakfast for Dogs and Cats. Named after the owners’ granddaughter, the new kennel opened last spring in Rio Rancho with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by the mayor and other local luminaries.

The site that the Challengers found was just what they had been looking for—completely fenced and including a large building and a house for themselves from which they can conduct twenty-four-hour video surveillance of their animal guests. The costly conversion of the kennel included installation of a refrigerated and filtered air-conditioning system, state-of the-art pens, and step-in washtubs and dryers.

Up to fifty dogs and and eighteen cats are kept in pens made of stainless steel and modern laminates that are easy to keep sanitary and free of ticks and fleas. There is no contact with a cold floor. The pens include hatches so that pets from the same family can hang out together. Dogs are selected for compatibility and exercised five times a day in four separate outdoor runs. There is also an activities room for obedience classes. Cats get a special play area. All pets are provided with a premium diet.

The base cost is $12.50 per day. If pets require even more pampering, luxury suites simulating the home environment are available: private rooms, television—and no steel bars.

Zoey's TLC employs two pet groomers and full-time personnel with many years of experience, including the administration of medication.

The Challengers take pride in their kennel and invite pet owners to check out the accommodations at 114 Industrial Park Place NE. For more information, call 892-5811 or visit


Special thanks from Watermelon Mountain Ranch to Patty and Sherry of
Blue Moon Cleaners for donating our second mobile satellite adoption van.

Post Office Rescue Effort a success

Pam Putnam
Special Events Coordinator
Watermelon Mountain Ranch

Watermelon Mountain Ranch would like to thank all of the station managers and mail carriers at the twenty-five participating post offices in the area for their efforts during the recent food and supplies drive, Companion Animal Rescue Effort. The response was overwhelming. Over thirty tons of food, blankets, towels, cages, runs, and other items were donated to the animal-rescue business.

Recipients of the effort were ACAT, Animal Support Center, Anew, Assistance Dogs of the West, Alaskan Malamute, Albuquerque Kennel Kompadres, Candy Kitchen, Carma, Dalmatian Rescue, Española Animal Shelter, Ferret Rescue, Great Dane Rescue, H.A.R.T., Los Chavez Animal rescue, Lapdog Rescue, Little Bear Rescue, N.M. Gordonites, New Mexico Pug rescue, New Mexico Animal Friends, Pound Puppies, Pick of the Pound, Paca Roswell Rescue, Under My Wing, Watermelon Mountain Ranch, and Walkin Circles Horse Ranch.

Every year more than eighty thousand homeless and castaway animals are rescued or picked up by various agencies in New Mexico. Those animals who are fortunate enough to be rescued by one of the over three hundred private not-for-profit groups are nurtured back to good health and adopted out to loving new parents. Caring people who devote their lives to this mission do this. Without the help of private individuals and the business community, it would not be possible.

To all of those who contributed to the success of the CARE project, thank you and God bless you.






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