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Man on the Street

The Signpost’s Man On The Street

Question of the Month: What are you thankful for?

Tim Nadeau

Frank and Nora Yodis

To be alive and living for each other.

—Frank and Nora Yodis


Nancy Darbro

For the weather, the rain, that my husband and I are healthy, and for moments of peace in this turbulent time.

—Nancy Darbro


Donna Von Stetten-Ford

That my child is healthy this year. 

—Donna Von Stetten-Ford



I am thankful for my next breath, my wife, Pat, and my children.



Yvonne Villescas

For my health. I had a heart attack last year. I'm thankful to be walking and breathing.

—Yvonne Villescas


Kelly King and Diabla

Just for being alive and everything.

—Kelly King and Diabla


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