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Ms. Cleveland's Kindergarten Class, Placitas Elementary School

Ms. Cleveland's Kindergarten Class, Placitas Elementary School

I am thankful for . . .

Submitted by Tim Nadeau

Ms. Cleveland's Kindergarten Class, Placitas Elementary School

I am thankful for my cat. (Marcos)

I am thankful for pizza. (Isaiah)

I am thankful for my dog, Muddy. (Kelsey)

I am thankful for pizza. (Brittany)

I am thankful for my dog, Buddy. (Jacob)

I am thankful for my praying mantis. (Angelo)

I am thankful for my new dog, Junior. (Keith)

I am thankful for my chihuahua, Angel. (Andrea)

I am thankful for my big brother, Jimmy. (Justin)

I am thankful for my brother, Luther. (Sophia)

I am thankful for my chihuahua, Chico, and my mom. (Antonio)

I am thankful for my friends. (Mercedes)

I am thankful for my dog, Cookie. (Ashley)


Food drive

Placitas Girl Scout Troop 7288 will hold their annual food drive for the Haven House Domestic Violence Shelter at the Merc in Placitas on Friday, November 19, and Saturday, November 20. To support their efforts, you may donate canned goods or money, which will be given to Haven House for their holiday celebrations. The Merc is in Homestead Village, 221 Highway 165, Placitas.


New charter school for Placitas considered for 2005-2006 school year

The Placitas Community could be home to Village Academy, a new charter school, serving kindergarten through eighth grade, if the Bernalillo Public  Schools Board of Education approves a community application they received October 1.

BPS is almost out of time to review the application. The charter school is not yet on the agenda for either BPS Board meeting in November.

State law says the district has 60 days to meet and confer with the applicant, identify information for a district review; and conduct a public meeting to obtain input on the merits of the application. At the end of that period, the district must issue a decision. That BPS deadline is Nov. 29.

For some time, interest in a charter school in the Placitas community has been growing. The concept of a charter school in Placitas centers desire for an alternative educational opportunity.

The conversations about school alternatives eventually coalesced into The Placitas Charter School Planning Committee which became increasingly focused as community members met this past year.  In August the Placitas group hosted community-wide meetings to gather ideas and input from families and residents for the application.

Charter schools are public schools that are granted a greater degree of operational flexibility than traditional public schools. Districts authorize charter schools and are responsible for monitoring their finances and compliance. Yet, the charter school is free to manage its own budget and educational program through an independent, local governing board or council.

As a charter school, Village Academy will emphasize parent involvement, curricular innovation and personalized attention to meet the needs of all its students. The school plans to focus on global and cross-cultural issues that provide an international perspective. It will also offer students the chance to explore the environment, media and technology and the arts through a rich, community-based curriculum supported by creative local and statewide partnerships.

The state also requires that charter schools must conduct an open enrollment; therefore, Village Academy Charter School will be open to students from outside the Bernalillo district, as well.

For additional information about Village Academy at Placitas, please contact the Placitas Charter School Planning Committee at the following email: or write: P.C.S.P.C, PO Box 393, Placitas, NM 87043.


Jr. Optimists elect officers:

Jr. Optimists elect officers: (Back) Nancy Hawks; (front left to right) Miranda Taraddei (vice president), Miaja Archibeque (secretary), Andrew Gonzales (treasurer), Clayton Richards (president).

Optimists activities

Elaine Sullivan

The Junior Optimist Club announced the installation of its officers for 2004 and 2005 on October 18. The officers are: Clayton Richards, president; Miranda Taraddei, vice president; Andrew Garcia, treasurer; Miaja Archibeque, secretary, and Selena Montano, sergeant at arms. The Junior Optimists are looking forward to working with the community in a variety of ways this year. Congratulations to our officers. (See photo at left).

The new Alpha Club will be having their installation at the November 15 meeting at 7:00 p.m. at the San Antonio Mission in Placitas.

Optimist Frank Hawks, bicycle safety chair, repaired and delivered six bikes that were donated to the club to the Bernalillo Housing Authority to be given to teenagers there. These bicycles are being given to teens in coordination with Optimist Club de Sandoval and Monica Cordova, coordinator of the Family Self-Sufficiency Program at the St. Vincent de Paul Society. 


UNM funded to research math learning for Hispanics

The University of New Mexico is partnering with three state school districts to improve mathematics education for children of working-class Hispanics. Bernalillo Public Schools, Albuquerque Public Schools, and Socorro Consolidated Schools, along with the UNM colleges of education and arts and sciences, are collaborators in the National Science Foundation-funded Center for the Mathematics Education of Latinos.

CEMELA will address the mathematics education needs of Hispanics, the largest minority group in the country. Total project funding from the National Science Foundation is $10 million. Approximately $1.36 million will allow UNM to conduct research and help develop a model that combines mathematics teaching and learning with the cultural, social, and linguistic contexts of Hispanic students. Additional partners in CEMELA are universities and public school districts in Arizona, California, and Illinois.

Researchers will specifically address what university faculty, schoolteachers, and administrators need to know to teach mathematics effectively to Hispanic students. CEMELA will develop leaders in mathematics education by recruiting graduate-level students to participate in research and teaching activities. Seven doctoral students and one postdoctoral student will receive funding to conduct research and professional-development activities over the next five years.

UNM professors Richard Kitchen and Sylvia Celedón Pattichis will serve as principal investigators. Kitchen holds a joint faculty appointment in the departments of education specialties and mathematics and statistics. Both faculty members contributed their findings earlier this year to a national study on the characteristics of highly effective schools in low-income communities.

“To achieve our goal, we will bring together experts in education, mathematics, language, and culture to improve the mathematics education of New Mexico's working-class Hispanics,” Kitchen said. The grant will promote expertise and innovations in research, teacher education, and parental involvement, to be shared with the larger academic community.




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