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Dr. Bopb Dubin

Dr. Bob Dubin

In remembrance of Dr. Bob Dubin


Dr. Bob Dubin passed away on September 14 after a brief illness. This is a tremendous loss to our community. “Dr. Bob”moved to Placitas several years ago after a long and successful chiropractic career in California. In his tragically short time here, he proved to be a good chiropractor, a man of tremendous energy and vision, and a really good guy.

Bob would always find time to work on my back and never skimped on the conversation. For a man with so many ideas, he never seemed to be in a hurry. I think of him every time I spice food with his “Chiles Soulamente” creation. (available at: Hopefully his family will continue operating the business as a fitting memorial.

Jaeni Aarden, Executive Director of the New Mexico Chiropractic Association said, “Bob was President of the NMCA from April of 2006 until his death and started the radio program “Your Health Matters.” He was active in a combined group of DCs and DOMs and actually orchestrated that group. He gave chiropractic a "face" here in New Mexico.”

Dr. Aarden forwarded to the Signpost the following emailed comments about Dr. Bob from the chiropractic community:

• “He was a visionary, one who was willing to ruffle some feathers, and a man who actually accomplished his goals. The ACA should create a "Dr. Bob Dubin Leadership Award" for those radicals willing to swim upstream against the mainstream. We need more like Bob who are willing to buck the status quo for Progress and Reform—to think out of the box."

• “It is with deep shock and profound sadness that I learn of Bob Dubin's death. This was not supposed to happen and yet anything can and will. I knew Bob back when I was a student and helped found Palmer West. The character we have known is the character he was then. Sometimes rough around the edges, always someone you wanted on your side, always lovable. When I learned of his move to New Mexico, I was thrilled that we were being joined by someone who was going to light fires, sound the alarms, cause a ruckus, and get things done. He did all of that in the little time he had with us and I already feel the loss of the larger legacy he would have left us if he had only lived longer. If you didn't get to know him while he was here, you missed out. May he inspire all of us to listen fully and love equally.”

Dr. Aarden wrote: “I grew to admire, respect and really care for Bob during his time here in Albuquerque. He was passionate, forthright, knowledgeable, honest in his opinions, feisty and fun! I, personally, will miss him a great deal.

“Bob did not want any kind of memorial service and, instead, he asked that people go out and enjoy a corned beef and pastrami sandwich in his honor and enjoy life the way that he did for his 62 years. Bob asked one more thing of all of us and that was to stay positive and believe that anything is possible!”

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