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The Hotline is a nonprofit service to help reunite lost and found pets.
Placing a Lost or Found in the Animal Hotline is a free service. You can include a photo if you have one available. For more information, call Dave at 867-6135. You may also email the Hotline at, but please call first.



CAT: Orange (yellow/orange) tabby cat lost from Ranchos de Placitas in mid-October. Five- or six-year old neutered male. “Osbert” was lost from Chaparral Road. #3400.

DOG: Airedale, curly black and tan hair, skinny female. “Hailey” was lost from Tunnel Springs area (just a little west of the Village of Placitas, south of Highway 165) the first week of October. She was wearing a greenish/grey-blue collar with a rabies tag. #3397.

CAT: Ocicat, tan/brown with stripes and spots lost from Rio Rancho near 528 and Idalia on September 25th. He has yellow eyes and is declawed. He is seven years old, and is in need of medication. He is neutered and is very friendly. His name is Raymond and he is greatly missed. #3401.


KITTEN: Little black and white long-haired kitten found off Vista Montaña Loop in Western Placitas area on October 3rd. #3394.

CAT: Orange and white cat found on Camino de San Francisco in early October. Large, well-fed female cat. Orange with a little white on paws. #3396.


TWO DOGS: Two small dogs, one white and brown; the other white and black. Both short-haired, seen running around northwest Placitas October 8th at Camino Barranca and Camino Barranca. #3398 & 3399.

DOG: Black dog with red collar seen just south of Highway 165 near the five-mile marker in Placitas. Medium/smaller dog with Sharpei face, acting lost, on October 21st. #3402.


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Bosque's Pet Prints

“Ruff! Don’t forget,
turkey bones are bad news for dogs.”


Mail your favorite pet photos,
along with a caption and photo credit to:
Signpost, P. O. Box 889,
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email digital photos to

Watermelon is the ultimate harvest treat for these ladies.
Photo by L.A. Williams


She said don’t move a muscle. ...How about an ear?
Photo by Katie Williams


Sue says, “What about my hair?”
Photo by L.A. Williams

For the Love of the Dog

—Frances Zeller
As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches there is a strong likelihood that many of us will over indulge ourselves, and, most likely, our dogs too. After all, how could you stuff yourself with all that turkey and not include some for little Fido. With an owner like you, he too has much for which to be thankful. Besides, maybe the tryptophan will help him sleep through the night.

While I do think it is fine to indulge the family pet, always be careful not to over do it. As a treat for your family pet, try a small amount of cooked turkey breast. A few small bites will keep him happy and thankful. A few green beans (without the sauce) can also be a treat. Raw sweet potatoes are also very good for dogs. But, remember, only give small amounts!

Today, many people have adopted the fresh raw diet. If it is something you do on a regular basis then treat your dog to the turkey neck, heart and gizzards. These are wonderful sources of protein, but again, must be fed raw only. While this may sound strange, it is a very natural way to feed. I actually do feed my dogs a completely raw, fresh food diet. Its something to think about.

If your having a house full of guests, you may want to take your dog out for some good exercise earlier in the day. A tired dog will help you have a more pleasant meal and help keep the dog from jumping all over your guests. Also, feed him around two hours before your company arrives, because as his digestive system works, it will tire the dog. Also, remember dogs should never eat any cooked bones. Cooked bones could actually be lethal. The vet emergency room is no place to be on Thanksgiving night. And the bill will leave nothing to be thankful for.

A very Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to you and your pet.

Frances Zeller has trained, showed and bred both pure bred dogs and cats for approximately 25 years. If you are interested in natural, holistic and raw food for both cats and dogs, call Francie at the Merc at 867-8664.


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