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Police officers vs. firefighters: Boxing matches benefit the Jim Franklin Bike Giveaway Program

Police officers and firefighters from throughout New Mexico stepped into the ring in a fight for charity. The Seventh Annual Rumble in Rio was held on October 22 at the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho. The event pitted the firefighters against police officers for the benefit of the Jim Franklin Bike Giveaway Program. This program raises money to purchase bicycles and gives them to children of lower income families. The event featured 14 matches, each three one-minute rounds.

The line up included:


Andres Madueno (Los Alamos FD, 290 lbs) 
Joseph Lee (Las Cruces FD, 187 lbs)
James Padilla (Doña Ana County FD, 185 lbs)
Thomas Ruiz (Albuquerque FD, 169 lbs)
Ross Haney (Santa Fe FD, 189 lbs) 
Khalil Zamir (Albuquerque FD, 193 lbs)
Neil Naranjo (Rio Rancho FD, 172 lbs) 
Joseph Ckodre (Las Cruces FD, 236 lbs)
Vanessa Padilla (Bernalillo County FD, 153 lbs)
Michael Graham (Mesilla Valley FD, 164 lbs)
Richard Alderete (Rio Rancho FD, 175 lbs)
Erick Hernandez (Las Cruces FD, 190 lbs)
Ralph Waddles (Albuquerque FD, 174 lbs)
Mike Legendre (Rio Rancho FD, 165 lbs)

Police Officers

Kavin Woodard (Metro Detention Center, 279 lbs)
Mike Dias (New Mexico State Police, 182 lbs)
Charles Lujan (Santa Fe PD, 185 lbs)
Joshua Lucero (Metro Detention Center, 165 lbs)
Ronald Perez (Bernalillo County Sheriff,  191 lbs)
Lance Cerros (Albuquerque PD, 197 lbs)
Michael Avila (Albuquerque PD, 168 lbs)
Myles Banford (Metro Detention Center, 237 lbs)
Erica Lowry (Albuquerque PD, 152 lbs)
Eli Aguilar (Albuquerque PD, 169 lbs)
Jovan Padilla (New Mexico Corrections, 176 lbs)
Donnie Hix (Bernalillo County Sheriff, 189 lbs)
Rafael Gomez (New Mexico State Police, 179 lbs)
Estevan Mora (Metro Detention Center, 165 lbs)

Esther Bone Memorial Library events

Yoga instructor Carleen Rocks offers a yoga class for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade on November 3, from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. Registration is required, and participants should bring a yoga mat or large beach towel and wear loose, comfortable clothing.

On November 9 at 6:30 p.m., musician and music historian Peter Chase will present a history of Bob Dylan. He will open the evening with a live performance of his favorite Dylan songs and present a mixed media program with music, video, and entertaining talk about the legendary singer/songwriter. Mr. Chase is a teacher at Central New Mexico Community College and a well known area musician.

Norio Hayakawa, a long-time UFO researcher who has for many years investigated Area 51 in Nevada, as well as some widespread claims about the existence of the Dulce underground base in New Mexico, will speak on "The Impact of Beliefs in UFOs on American Pop Culture" on November 16 at 6:30 p.m. Hayakawa will speak on why a segment of the population keeps holding on to their beliefs in UFOs, despite the apparent lack of physical, irrefutable scientific evidence. He says there is a reason for this! He will also explain why some people seem to believe that New Mexico may play a role in a supposedly upcoming shift in human consciousness. No tickets or registration are required.

On November 17 at 2:30 p.m., the library presents a free movie. This is a live-action adaptation from the classic book series, which follows the misadventures of young grade-schooler, Ramona, and her older sister. The movie is rated G and is free to the public.

To sign up for the yoga class or for information on yoga or the free movie, call the Youth Services Department at (505) 891-5012, extension 4.

For information about the Bob Dylan history event or the Norio Hayajawa lecture, call (505) 891-5012, option 3.

All programs are held at the Esther Bone Memorial Library, 950 Pinetree Road SE, in Rio Rancho. 





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