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re: Driveway Creep

I enjoy a brisk walk every morning. Perhaps you’ve seen me. I’m the guy with the longish white hair who wears a bright yellow baseball cap. The guy who waves at every car that goes by. I even wave at the people who laugh at me in the dead of winter because I am still wearing my shorts. Hey, if I can bring a little mirth to my friends and neighbors as they motor off to work, then chilly knees are well worth it.

I know I could use this time to reflect on matters of great import. Such as the global economy? Or what aroma is similar to the acrid stink of the beautiful chamisa? Or what moron is tearing down my candidate’s yard signs!

Instead, I obsess on a subtle form of urban blight that can be found in every neighborhood I pass through on my morning perambulations. A serious problem that effects anybody with a gravel driveway. A gargantuan problem that could even reduce the value of our property!

This problem is... (scary music from Psycho), DRIVEWAY CREEP!

It starts innocently enough. The odd pebble or rock from your driveway spills onto the street. But before you know it, your driveway has moved an inch or two or three onto the public thoroughfare. Given sufficient time, it can spread out like the Mississippi Delta. It’s insidious! It’s unsightly. And it’s happening right here—in our neighborhood!

I propose that we declare the entire month of November Driveway Creep Awareness Month. Show your support by wearing an asphalt-colored ribbon. Honk three times—one short, one long, one short—every time you spot Driveway Creep. Donate at the Merc to the  Buy Brooms and Shovels to Eliminate Driveway Creep Fund. It’s a big challenge. But together, as a community—you, I, our neighbors—WE can eliminate Driveway Creep and restore our roads (and my delicate sanity) to their once pristine condition.

—Gary W. Priester, Ranchos de Placitas

Signpost cartoon, c. Rudi Klimpert

re: Sandoval County Sheriff’s Office

I am writing this letter for two reasons. I began my career serving you as a dispatcher with the Sandoval County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) in 1984. I retired in June 2007 as a lieutenant with twenty three years of service. My last sixteen years of service was that of detective lieutenant with command over the Criminal Bureau of Investigations, Internal Affairs and the Narcotics Division. When I retired, I did so with a very heavy heart.

During my career with the SCSO, I served under five sheriffs and nine undersheriffs, which included myself when Sheriff Ray Rivera asked me to fill in for Undersheriff Bobby Gonzales for one year when he became ill and once under Sheriff Bert DeLara for six months.

When John Trujillo and Tim Lucero assumed command of the sheriff’s office it didn’t take long to perceive that neither of them had an ounce of administrative or leadership skills. It was painfully evident they both lacked even the basic direction to perform the daily operations and activities of the sheriff’s office. It also didn’t take long to recognize the presence of favoritism, as well as bullying and retaliation tactics against those who dared to express an opinion or even ask a question. The answer was always the same—do as I say “because I am the sheriff or “because I am the undersheriff.”

The absence of professionalism and integrity from John Trujillo and Tim Lucero has been even more evident during the last seven and a half years through Trujillo’s embarrassing and disgraceful behavior. Unfortunately, Tim Lucero has been content to just hide in the shadows behind Trujillo and collect a paycheck. Tim Lucero has not fulfilled his commitment as undersheriff to you, his deputies, or himself in the past seven and a half years. Now, he wants to flip flop with Trujillo and become sheriff as Trujillo becomes undersheriff. This would truly be a nightmare and an injustice to every Sandoval County citizen who depends on the sheriff’s office for guidance and protection of their families and property.

It is my professional and personal opinion that of the five sheriffs and nine undersheriffs I worked under for twenty three years, John Trujillo and Tim Lucero are undoubtedly the most incompetent and self-serving. Our community and especially our children deserve so much better!

The second reason I am writing this letter is because of John Trujillo and Tim Lucero’s complete lack of honor and respect for the American flag and what it stands for. Recently, I have noticed that they have attached an American flag onto Tim Lucero’s campaign signs to attract attention and gain your vote. It is an outrage and a disgrace to use the American flag for nothing more than political gain. Tim Lucero should be ashamed of himself for participating in dishonoring the American flag for a vote. This is just another example of Lucero’s lack of integrity and professionalism.

As a proud U.S. Army 101st Airborne veteran, I was astounded to see the abuse and lack of honor and respect for the American flag by someone entrusted to a position of authority such as Tim Lucero.

In fact, the only U.S. military veteran running for Sandoval County sheriff is Doug Wood. He proudly served our country as a military police officer/criminal investigator and served a tour overseas. Wood has an honorable discharge and still continues to serve the public in his chosen profession as a police officer. He is a professional in every sense of the word, with immense integrity, honor, dedication, and commitment to law enforcement and to the community that he has sworn to protect and serve. A professional with these qualities would never disgrace the American flag or himself by attaching it to a campaign sign for political gain. There is no doubt who my family and friends will be voting for in November 2010. Doug Wood is committed to professional and quality service to everyone.


—Stephen Reynolds, Detective Lieutenant, Retired

The couple above is John Haig & Linda Wagoner. The costumes are totally authentic, bought in a secondhand store in Germany while John and Linda were on vacation. Well done, Herr Johann and Frau Linda. They were the hosts of this month's neighborhood event. We are now into our second year of the Desert Mountain "Happy Hour." It gives neighbors a chance to meet each other at a different host's home each month. Thanks!







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