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re: Dear Commissioner Dominguez, County Manager Rios, Undersheriff Wiese, and Sheriff Wood

On behalf of numerous Placitas West residents, please accept our standing ovation of the Sandoval County Sheriff’s Office for its exemplary handling of the incident that occurred in our neighborhood during the early morning hours of October 2, 2015. To learn later that the two suspects captured were 17-year-old male juveniles who fled on foot throughout the labyrinth of arroyos that exist here—not to mention the fact that our community parallels Cibola National Forrest—was no small feat. Nor was this “luck.” This was Public Safety at its finest: intelligent, strategic, collaborative teamwork that was exquisitely managed to ensure that no one got hurt. To be sure, this incident could have ended far differently were it not for the dedicated commitment, courage, and exceptional professionalism of: Sgt. Allan Mills, Det. Eric Miller, Det., Olga Guymon, Lt. Robert Chavez, Sgt. Chris Kohler, Dep. Robert Marshall, and Dep. Robert Strand. These are true ambassadors of Public Safety, and we trust that their outstanding work on October 2 will not go unnoticed by County Officials.

Sincerely,—Anne Martinez, Placitas

Eastern Sandoval Citizens Association (ES-CA) notes

—Chris Daul

The Eastern Sandoval Citizens Association (ES-CA) is continuing to monitor sand and gravel mining in the area. The community is still waiting for the BLM to release its Resource Management Plan (RMP), as it may allow potential gravel mining in the Buffalo Tract. It is important that the community act as quickly as possible to ensure that all comments are sent in a timely manner. ES-CA and Las Placitas Association (LPA) will be coordinating a response to the RMP. ES-CA’s Land Protection Trust (LPT) have asked the Governor’s office for help.

Concerning the Fisher Sand and Gravel mining site, ES-CA representatives recently met with Dave Olson to discuss the operations that began in early October, 2015. All appropriate air permits were acquired. Fisher has located the processing activity in the lowest area on the site. This is keeping the visibility of the operation out of sight and is also limiting the noise levels. No material is being sent off site at this time. Fisher has approached the NM DOT to obtain permission to pave the portion of the access road that parallels Route 165. Should Fisher begin hauling material off site prior to the road paving, they will position a water truck at that location to minimize dust. There are currently water trucks on site. During the visit, there was no visible dust migrating off site.

The lawsuit against Lafarge continues with Dick Ulmer reporting that there will be a November court hearing to determine whether ES-CA can be joined as a party in that lawsuit. The LPT is also working with the New Mexico Environmental Department to have air monitoring systems installed in Placitas as currently, there are none in the Algodones, Bernalillo, or the Placitas areas.

ES-CA’s Public Safety Forum was a success with about 75 residents attending. Both the Sherriff’s office and County Fire Department were pleased to have put on the program. ES-CA will continue to present public interest forums to the community.

Commissioner Valerie Espinoza, of the NM Public Regulatory Commission, will meet with ES-CA Board members and Board members of LPA to discuss pipeline safety issues within the next two months.

The next ES-CA Board meeting is November 2, at 6:30 p.m., at the Placitas Fire Station on Route 165. All are welcome to attend.

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