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John Sapien takes over at Bernalillo
State Farm Agency

When John Sapien took over at the State Farm Agency in Bernalillo last May, he knew that he had a big pair of shoes to fill. “It was like stepping into clown shoes,” said John. No, he wasn’t calling his dad a clown: he was just saying that Bill Sapien’s role in the community as businessman and politician was really big. “My dad was here for a long time and knew all his clients by name. I really can’t replace him, but I do bring ten years of experience in the insurance business. Our agency offers more services than ever before.”

John, who was born and raised in Bernalillo, graduated from Bernalillo High School and has a bachelor’s degree in Finance from UNM. He worked for Bill at State Farm from 1986 through 1992, and then worked as a State Farm claims representative from 1993 until he entered training to qualify him as an agent. John traveled around the country settling claims after natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods.

John’s agency has expanded its services to include on-line banking and State Farm investment products. He explained, “We offer our clients security for their assets through insurance and we also provide investment services to help plan for the future. The low overhead of on-line banking allows our bank to have lower interest rates on loan as well as higher rates on savings accounts and CDs. The full-service bank offers everything from checking accounts to car loans and mortgages.” John is a registered representative with two securities licenses to sell State Farm Mutual Funds .

John said that he had to compete for the agency with other agents since State Farm always retains ownership. Some accounts were transferred out to other agencies. “It’s not like I was handed a silver spoon,” said John, “but I’m really glad to be here and Iencourage my neighbors to come in to find out what we can offer.”


Investment rep to host coffee club in Placitas

Penelope Cisneros, a local Edward Jones investment representative, announced today that she will host a coffee club at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday, October 2, at the Piñon Café in Placitas.

The coffee club will be an informal gathering of those interested in participating in roundtable discussions on the economy, interest rates, stocks or other investments, and hot topics.

“The coffee club offers us an opportunity to learn from one another and exchange ideas on a variety of issues,” Cisneros said. “I look forward to sharing my expertise on how individuals can help make their money grow and build wealth over time, as well as having fun and getting to know some of my neighbors better.”

The Edward Jones interactive Web site is at





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