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Man on the Street

Man On The Street

Question of the Month: What are the two most important issues facing this country in the next four years?

Tim Nadeau

“Our oil reserves and the war in Iraq.”



“To stabilize the country so it appreciates what it has. Build the country from the bottom up and come together—unified across race, creed and money. It's ‘we the people.’”

—Dan Lobato


"I want legislators to get involved in the actual school classroom ... to explicitly understand the diverse needs and demands. It's easy to say ‘No child left behind.’ I'd like to see policy makers spend time in the classroom, not just for a short visit."

—Liese Messenger


My first hope is to get rid of George W. Then I'd like to see something done about health care. It's criminal the way it's going in this country.

—Dan Dumas


Our foreign policy is not well spelled out, and our unilateralism needs to be carefully reconsidered. We need to stabilize our economy. There are many needs in this country that need to be addressed."

—Dianna Shomaker



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