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Man on the Street

Signpost’s Man on the Street

Tim Nadeau

Q: What did we in New Mexico learn from the Katrina disaster?


Paul Solozabal


"Preparedness—and not to be too vulnerable. We too could be victims. It doesn't have to be a natural disaster."


Cathy Scofield


"Mother Nature doesn't play favorites! And it's about people helping people. We can't rely on the government."


Jeff Watson


"To be prepared. God moves in mysterious ways. Don't take anything for granted."


Eric Biggs


"You learn about the shortness of life and the need for the government to step in and respond in times of crisis. Really, just the frailty of our human existence."


Diane Vitale


"We can't get too attached to anything material. When you're asked to evacuate—go! We (Americans) should have been the benchmark for helping in a disaster."


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