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Scouts applaud Pack leader, begin autumn projects

—Suzann Owings

“We’re really glad to be here and congratulate Mr. Gardner,” says Michele Bane, mother of a Cub Scout in Pack 708. “He absolutely deserves the Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award.”

David Gardner received the award at the annual Coronado Optimist Club’s awards and installation dinner at the Range Cafe in Bernalillo on September 17.

“David Gardner brought my son through the scouts and continues to give a tremendous amount to the community,” said Coronado Optimist Club President Snow Watson. “We are very proud to have him in our Club and to have an ongoing relationship with the Pack.”

A man of few words and much action, Mr. Gardner simply said, “Thank you” for the award and then listed the Pack’s current activities.

Two projects are foremost in the minds of David Gardner and his scouts—their annual popcorn sales fundraiser and the second annual Thanksgiving Sharing program. The funds from the popcorn sales pay for the adult volunteers’ scouting fees and for the boys’ attendance at the Scout Day Camps.

The yellow collection boxes the Scouts decorate will be located in Bernalillo, Placitas, and northeastern Rio Rancho. The non-perishable food donated to the boxes will be picked up weekly by teams of scouts and their parents. The food will be bundled and distributed to families in our community before Thanksgiving. To find out about the Pack’s next Planning Meeting and other Pack information, contact David Gardner at 867-4689.

Scholarships and more fill Optimists’ agenda

Thanksgiving’s Community Sharing Project and the scholarship programs provided by the Coronado Optimists Club will be discussed at the Club’s next meeting, held from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m., at the Bernalillo Range Cafe, on October 15. The Coronado Optimists encourage teachers, parents, school administrators, and counselors to bring their good ideas and take away opportunities for their students. The Coronado Optimist Club meets on the third Wednesday of each month. Community members are welcome.

For membership and further information, contact Suzann Owings at 867-0567.

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