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Commissioner hears Algodones road concerns

~Signpost Staff

When County Commissioner James Dominguez came to Algodones to talk about paving, residents wanted to talk about runners and fast drivers as well.

“The speeding through Algodones is probably the worst problem we have,” Robert Gonzales said. “We live at the south end and can’t see cars approaching over the arroyo.”

State Road 313 in that area is posted at thirty mph.

Another resident suggested speed bumps on Barrowsville Road where he said some drivers on a half-mile straightaway hit sixty to seventy mph. Dominguez, however, said the county couldn’t put speed bumps on dead-end roads.

He said he would pass the concerns about speeding and the need for additional patrolling to the sheriff’s department.

Dominguez came to Algodones in late August to announce the county will be paving Bosque Road from NM 313 for nearly a mile along the west side of the Rail Runner Express railroad tracks. The county was paying enough to keep the road bladed that it made sense to pave it, he said.

John Arag√≥n told Dominguez he’d met with the principal of Algodones Elementary School who was concerned that paving would affect students who run beside it. The commissioner said he would look into having the contractor blade a wide shoulder and possibly put down a gravel base as a running surface.

All students at the K-4 school start their day with a run as part of a Run Fit program that also encourages parents and staff to join in, according to the school website.

The county also is planning a mill-and-overlay project to resurface the pavement on Las Colonias Road, although that may wait until the weather warms next year.

Tips to protect yourself from Internet threats

~James Hallinan, New Mexico Office of the Attorney General

Recently, Attorney General Hector Balderas and the New Mexico Office of the Attorney General Internet Crimes Against Children Unit issued a Safety Advisory in response to Yahoo’s announcement that five hundred million of its user accounts were stolen.

“This incident is a stark reminder that all New Mexicans should be proactively protecting themselves online,” said Attorney General Balderas. “While Yahoo users are most likely to be affected by this incident, anyone who maintains online accounts should take steps to protect themselves and their families from online threats.”

Yahoo users in New Mexico should update their passwords and security questions, review their accounts for suspicious activity, and contact law enforcement if they believe they have been victims of identity theft or any other crime.

Tips to avoid being hacked:

  • Always install a firewall on your computer and make sure the firewall is turned on.
  • When buying a wireless router, make sure it has a built-in firewall.
  • Buy anti-virus software.
  • Passwords can be an open door to hackers. Change your passwords often and make sure your password isn’t the same as your username or email. Don’t re-use passwords. You can use a password manager to generate secure passwords and store them online.
  • Hackers and spammers send corrupt emails that take you to websites to steal your information and infect your computer with hidden viruses. Do not open emails from an unknown source. Delete these emails immediately.

There is always the possibility of being hacked even when following these steps. Hackers are clever and always devising new methods of stealing information. You might not know if you are or have been hacked. Always be aware of how your computer is running, what email communication is being sent or received, and what programs are installed on your computer.

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