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Brian DePriest

Brian DePriest of Sydroya Designs

Sydroya Design embraces modern Southwest

Signpost Staff

It’s easy to find architect Brian DePriest’s house in Sunset Mesa. It looks different from its neighbors. It has a modern Southwestern design that rejects the popular pueblo-revival style.

DePriest’s Sydroya Designs seeks to “magnify the human spirit with buildings that reflect contemporary culture and its technological capabilities.”

Surprisingly, this is DePriest’s first residential design. For the past fifteen years he has worked in the San Francisco Bay area designing libraries, aquatics centers, and, especially, medical centers. He says that his experience working with clients’ individual needs, particularly in coordinating technology into an efficient and attractive use of space, makes him singularly qualified to design a modern home.

“I had so much fun building this house that I realized that this is what I should be doing,” DePriest explained. He recently left the fast-paced California lifestyle behind and set up an office in his Placitas home.

“The quality of light here has such a purity to it that I believe in focusing on windows,” says DePriest, stating the obvious. His windows take in the vast expanses to the west while shedding light on a straightforward design with great attention to detail. Rooms feed logically into an elegant central hallway with whole travertine floor tiles fitting perfectly without a cut. 

“My goal is to create designs that interact with the natural setting while achieving the individual goals of my clients. Each house will be the unique result of a discussions with the client about how they want to use their space while paying attention to the geological circumstances and topographical idiosyncrasies of the building site,” DePriest continued.

DePriest says he provides a blueprint that spells out the finest detail, leaving little to the interpretation of the contractor and decreasing the margin of error. “A good architect can suggest clever details that look expensive but that are financially accessible through the use of simple building techniques.”

For more information about Sydroya Designs, call 771-8569 or e-mail:


Bernalillo Expediting offers FedEx and shipping services at Angus McDougall Gallery

Bernalillo now has its own packing and shipping office. Bernalillo Expediting offers professional shipping services five days a week from inside the Angus McDougall Gallery in Bernalillo. The company is a Federal Express-authorized ship center and is the only dedicated packing and shipping company serving Bernalillo, Placitas, and other southern Sandoval County communities.

Angus McDougall opened his gallery shipping activity up to the community when gallery customers started asking him to ship personal items in addition to the artwork he ships out of his gallery. “We’ve used a number of carriers to ship art from the gallery,” says McDougall, “but being a FedEx-authorized ship center allows us to offer extremely economical shipping over all grades of service—overnight, two-day, and ground—as well as a variety of unique FedEx services.” Bernalillo Expediting ships packages with FedEx and DHL but also uses its relationships with airlines in Albuquerque to ship oversize and heavy-weight items.

Bernalillo Expediting offers a full range of FedEx services, but customers can also drop off packages on their own or a recipient’s FedEx account, and there is no charge for such drop-off material. There is late-in-the-day drop-off for same-day shipment on most FedEx Express packages, and confirmation delivery is always free on request. As a FedEx-authorized ship center, the company also offers wrapping and packing services, and due to its work with the gallery, there are custom packing services available for precious items and artwork.

“It’s gratifying to hear so many people in the community say how glad they are that there’s now a local shipping outlet—and FedEx has been a tremendous partner in our business,” said McDougall.

Bernalillo Expediting is at 978 San Felipe, behind and to the south of the Range Café. Hours are Tuesdays through Fridays from 10:30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. and Saturdays from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. If you have any questions, call them at 867-0553.


New IRS guides for donating cars to charity

As part of an effort to help taxpayers avoid potential pitfalls when they donate automobiles to charities, Internal Revenue Service officials recently announced the release of two new publications dealing with car donations.

The first, Publication 4302, A Charity's Guide to Car Donations, addresses issues that charities need to know to properly operate car-donation programs. The second publication, Publication 4303, A Donor's Guide to Car Donations, is focused on individuals who make such donations.

In recent years, the number of car-donation programs has increased dramatically. This growth, however, has taken place without taxpayers and charities always understanding their obligations under tax law.

The above publications were written in conjunction with state charity officials as part of an ongoing effort by state and federal officials to work together to educate taxpayers and charities.

Publication 4302, A Charity's Guide to Car Donations, provides descriptions of several different car-donation programs, filing and disclosure requirements for charities operating these programs, and related information. Included in the description of vehicle-donation programs is an example of an arrangement that would fail to preserve the deductibility of a contribution.

Publication 4303, A Donor's Guide to Car Donations, reminds taxpayers that they need to make sure they are donating their vehicle to a qualified organization, receive a written acknowledgement from the charity, keep records, and properly assess the fair-market value of their vehicle.

Both publications are now available at






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