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Man on the Street

Left to right: Paul Courchesne, Deborah A. , Howard (Dr. Hug), Larry Goodell
Carol Scrivner

The Signpost’s Man On The Street

Question of the Month:

What do you think of the Placitas County idea?

Tim Nadeau

"I think it's a bad idea! The monies generated should benefit all the surrounding communities, especially where schools, fire, and police are concerned." 

—Carol Scrivner


"I thought that issue was put to bed. It's going to be an expensive proposition if it goes through." 

—Paul Courchesne


"The only benefit that I see is that we could have our own sheriff's department and not get preyed upon."

—Deborah A. 

"We'd have a lot more government and services to pay for. I don't trust it at all; it sounds expensive and pro-development." 

—Larry Goodell


"I think it's a silly idea. The guy who started this needs to get a life!" 

—Howard – Dr. Hug


The Man On The Street did not find anyone in favor of Placitas County during this sampling. To learn more about the issue, visit:


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