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    re: Placitas County discussion group online

There is a new discussion group on Yahoo for those interested in the question of creating Placitas County. Anyone pro or con can join the group by contacting For further information, contact Charles Mellon at 867-1712 or


re: partisanship and respect in Placitas

Dear Editor:

I am a new resident of Placitas, and just read Damon Ely’s article about polarization resulting from partisanship.

He wrote a fine article, which apparently was not read by the partisan who tears down my Viva Bush sign every time I put it up in front of my house. The Kerry signs all over my Placitas neighborhood are never disturbed.

This leaves me to think that this obviously partisan person does not respect the “bi-partisan American partnership” described in Mr. Ely’s article.

I would like to put into practice the suggestions of Damon Ely, but how can I respect the views of a partisan individual who sneaks onto my private property with no respect for my views?

—Lorne Olsen


re: recovering from cactus, thanks to PFVB

What a beautiful and sunny day it was today! I decided to go outside and do some chores.

I started the day by cleaning our hot tub and thinking how wonderful it would be to have a soak with my wife, looking at the stars and making plans for a future trip to Chicago with our granddaughter Samantha.

My second chore was to plant a five-foot cholla cactus. So with lots of care (these things hurt, you know), I started to plant in the area that had other varieties. And I slipped. Unfortunately, I fell on my face and the cactus needles got into my face and hands, thighs, knees ... well, you get the picture.

But to make matters worse, I had to get out of the cactus garden, so I slowly turned around and now I had them on my back, my neck and my butt. I called my wife and called my son. I needed to get help; I was in so much pain. So I dialed 911.

So I stood naked in my home with a sheet around me (I had ripped off my clothes coming from the garden to the house; remember, these things hurt!), waiting for the Placitas Volunteer Fire Department to come help me. Cactus needles make you very humble.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! These people were great. One is holding the flashlight, one is taking cactus needles out of my arms, thighs, and face, and one is filling out the paper work.

Now, here comes the humbling part! Drop the sheet, get on your knees, and let a stranger (woman) take cactus needles out of my butt. Thank you, Debby. I owe you big time.

But then as I think about it, I made a lot of people smile today. How do I know this? I looked around that room while I was on my knees and everyone had just a touch of a smile on their face. Our community is so fortunate to have such a great caring volunteer staff. Thank you again, Bud and Debby Brinkerhoff, Jerry Malloy, and Tom Hansen.

—Richard Ramirez


re: voting gamble

Verified Voting New Mexico ( is a loosely knit group of concerned New Mexico citizens that is trying to put a stop to unauditable electronic voting machines. My understanding is it was formed by a few computer experts that work at the labs in Los Alamos.

The story is that the Los Alamos county commissioners had voted to buy the new Sequoia touch-screen voting machines, and these "grumpy computer geeks" (referred to that way by the state director of elections) got the commissioners to reverse their decision. This appears to be of no avail, however, as the Secretary of State is going to force the electronic machines on them anyway.

The problem is that the new machines have no "independent audit" paper trail, and the people of Verified Voting New Mexico are trying to get an independent paper trail instituted.

The only way we as citizens can put a stop to this situation is to keep applying pressure on our election officials. Unfortunately our Secretary of State and director of elections have their collective bobbleheads in the sand.

We have not been able to get any real hard-hitting press coverage on this extremely important issue. I have tried to get one of our well-known local television investigative reporters to look into this mess, but to no avail. If I didn't know better I would think a huge fraud is being perpetrated on the voters of this country under the guise of making the voting process more accessible for the disabled and  non-English-speaking voter.

Call, or better yet, e-mail the Secretary of State and give her your name and voting precinct. Inform her you will demand your right to see your vote placed in a ballot box. You will not use any form of electronic voting equipment that conceals the casting of your vote. Demand an emergency paper ballot at your polling place. If enough of us citizens exercise our right to "see" our vote counted, the potential for fraud will be defeated.

—Charles Arasim
Rio Rancho


©Rudi Klimpert



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