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Man on the Street

Signpost’s Man on the Street

Tim Nadeau

Q: As the price at the pump continues to rise, local residents express their frustration and concern.

"I hate it! I'll probably have to raise my rates (to customers) and be a bit more selective about when and where I drive."


"Gas prices are going to be our biggest hardship next to groceries. It's jumped more than fourteen cents in twenty-four hours. How am I going to pay for my extracurricular activities? All my fun money is going for gas."


"It's really cutting into business profits. I'm spending over $100 a day just on gas."


"I drive six hundred miles a day, it's outrageous! The company pays us mileage but now the cost of gas takes away from maintenance and upkeep of my vehicle."


"I'll just have to live with it! That's the way this country is run. We invade Iraq for the oil. Why do we have to fight in another country when we could be drilling here?"


I filled up my truck at the cheapest place in town!


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