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Placitas Fire Department flash

—Sal Gullo, Chief

We are happy to express to you, our community, that your donations to the 2010 Placitas Volunteer Fire Brigade (PVFB) Inc. fund drive have allowed us to almost reach our goal. Our volunteer responders and your fellow community members will benefit from your generous offerings. We have already put some of what we collected to good use. The purchase of some 10 “pulse oximeters” (a tool used to measure ones pulse and blood oxygen levels) will allow our medical responders to render better care. Some shelving units and a file cabinet help us to be more organized in our new storage areas. We have put on a CPR class, with more to come, for our community where we taught six neighbors the life saving skills needed to help in times of your emergency. We look forward to October 3 through 9, National Fire Prevention Week, with this year’s theme: “Smoke Alarms: A Sound You can Live With.” We plan to take the opportunity to visit with our Placitas Elementary School to put on our annual fire awareness talk. We promise to continue to respond to your emergencies and use your donations in the best interests of the community in which we are proud partners.

The construction of our third fire station in Placitas is almost complete. Station 43, located on Petroglyph Trail in the Anasazi Meadows area of Placitas, is expected to begin operating in mid-September. This station will house a Sandoval County emergency communication vehicle, a fire engine, a tanker/tender apparatus, and the medical transport unit Med 43. The station will have living quarters for the Sandoval County Fire Department (SCFD) firefighters and paramedics to staff and respond 24/7. This station and the on duty staff will greatly enhance the response to the western area of District 4. The efforts put forth by SCFD Chief Jon Tibbetts to make this happen may have up to now gone unrecognized, but I would like to take this opportunity to send out a “Thank You” to him on behalf of the community of Placitas. When in the near future, the opportunity to hold an open house can be scheduled, we will share that information with you. 

If you would like information on becoming a member, making a donation, or reviewing the Sandoval County burn rules, please visit our Web site at

Our Web site is hosted as a donation by Gary Priester:





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