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Rudy Benavidez honored

Frank Hodnett (left) honors long-time agent Rudy Benavidez (right) with 4H’s prestigious Hall of Fame award.

Benavidez inducted into New Mexico 4-H Hall of Fame

—Jane Moorman

Rudy Benavidez was inducted into the New Mexico 4-H Hall of Fame during the 4-H state conference award ceremony at New Mexico State University on July 14. Presenting the plaque was Frank Hodnett, NMSU 4-H Youth Development department head.

Rudy Benavidez is among twenty-one 4-H leaders and supporters to be inducted into the Hall of Fame this July.

The hall of fame, established in 2002, honors 4-H members, volunteer leaders, fair superintendents, advisory board members, 4-H foundation trustees, and former faculty with NMSU’s Cooperative Extension Service, which administers 4-H statewide.

Frank Hodnett, department head of the NMSU Cooperative Extension Service’s 4-H Youth Development Program said, “This is the highest honor we have to offer people who have provided support and service to 4-H members in New Mexico. These individuals have cumulatively given more than 598 years of service to the New Mexico 4-H program. Including this group, we have inducted 181 individuals and couples into the hall of fame.”

During Benavidezes twenty-two year tenure as the Sandoval County Extension county director, the county did not have a 4-H agent. Benavidez would step up and take on those responsibilities and duties.

The greatest of Benavidez’s 4-H achievement was the establishment of school enrichment programs at several BIA schools on the Native American reservations in Sandoval County.

Mr. Benavidez says 24 years ago, he was very fortunate to be selected as the Sandoval County agriculture agent. Today he still feels very fortunate and grateful that he was selected.



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