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Dave Harper

If you lose or find an animal in Placitas area, call the Animal Hotline at 867-6135. The Hotline is a nonprofit service run by Dave and January Harper to help reunite lost and found pets. Placing a Lost or Found in the Animal Hotline is a free service courtesy of the Signpost—we can sometimes even include a photo. Call Dave and January at 867-6135 or 263-2266 and leave a detailed message, or email the Animal Hotline at: (but call, too).


2 CATS: Black-and-white (Tuxedo) cat lost from the
Village of Placitas (close to the post office) on August 21. Spayed female, Six-years-old. Lost at the same time as a 16-week-old grey-and-white female kitten. They don't get along too well, so one may have chased the other away from home ... #3787 & 3788. (See photos below.)


Puppy: German Shepherd mix, female, found on Highway 165, just east of the Placitas Post Office on August 23. #3789

DOG: German Shepherd, female, disoriented, found along the S Curves of Highway 165 in Placitas near Ranchos de Placitas on August 24. #3790.

2 DOGS: Two German Shepherds found in Bernalillo near I-25 and the North Bernalillo Exit on August 26. Both female; one is about two-years-old and the other looks like her pup (about eight-months-old). No collars, tags or microchips. #3791 & 3792.


DOG: Red Heeler, intact male, spotted near the entrance to Ranchos de Placitas on August 14. Very light colored, very healty looking, nice-looking dog. No collar or tags. #3784.

DOG: Tan/beige dog seen running loose not far from Highway 165 near the Village of Placitas on Camino del Tecolote on August 15. Head looked like the dog may be part Pit Bull. Curled tail. # 3785.

2 DOGS: 2 German Shepherds seen roaming in the Village of Placitas (and getting into a neighbor's trash) on August 21. #3786.


Animal News

Lalo’s pet prints:


A Western Diamondback rattlesnake caught and devoured a dove on the porch of Ann and Norm Whiting’s house in Placitas. Ann said, “The snake was just a foot away from our window, but it took us awhile to get the nerve to go out and take a closer look. The snake digested the dove within the afternoon, and when Norm got home later, the snake was still hanging around. The amazing food chain.”

Hi Lalo, hope you've gotten some puddles to splash around in and shake all over everybody lately. I received my certificate and uniform from American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen (still waiting on a nifty little tag).

I'm also a therapy-dog-in-training with my aunt, Joya del Ponderosa G.G.'s (the tawny) and Adela del Ponderosa G.G.'s (the tricolor), so here we are showing our bling. Stay cool, Lalo, dear.
—“Zorra del Ponderosa G. G.’s” Photo credit: —Rebecca G.“Gert" Perry-Piper

“Hey, Lalo, I'll put up with this little guy, but he’s not gettin’my frizbee!"
—"Shiva” (with little guy, “Kiko”) Photo credit: —Charron McFadden

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